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Zhejiang QiMei Electric Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Qimei Electrical Co. Ltd is located in the enjoyment of one of the three mountain Yandang at the foot of the mountain, while sitting on the prestigious China "electrical" Liushi. The company is a professional engaged in high-tech power supply, electronic products research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprises. The company has strong technical strength, over the years with the European Electric Company, the domestic institutions of higher learning cooperation, technical achievements and experience, research and development and manufacture of high-tech power supply products at home and abroad.

After years of tough tackling, companies at home and abroad has been formed in the provinces as the office of the distribution network, users throughout the country, such as: intelligent building, fire protection, traffic, sports center, subway, telecommunications, military, banking, securities, factory, hospital and other electrical units and residential buildings. Our main production: EPS fire emergency power supply series, UPS uninterruptible power supply series, electrical fire monitoring system, fire monitoring system, frequency conversion power supply series and other power products.

QIMEI Electric will continue to "scientific and technological innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, marketing innovation" concept, adhere to the people-oriented, building a harmonious enterprise, the development path of "consistent from beginning to end to the quality of legislation, to plant science and technology, continue to invest in research and development of new products, to the promotion of new products, improve customer service service guarantee the mechanism, to meet customer demand for the product function, quality and service.

QIMEI Electric to the "pursuit of excellence and return to society" as their own goals, and actively carry out reform and innovation on the road ahead, and constantly adjust product structure, the implementation of brand strategy, sincerely with domestic and foreign merchants and the community go hand in hand, leading technology, create brilliant!

Selling quality products and maintaining first-class service is the eternal service promise of all beauties!









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